NEW FOR 2024

New for 2024

As total eager-beavers, we are already working hard on our creative plans for this winter & are very excited about the new additions we are adding to the light trail.

We have completely re-imagined the route this year, shaking up how we have run the trail for the past 3 years. We are beyond ecstatic to share some of our new installations with you, made by some incredible artists.

We are also planning a bigger and better Christmas Village, we will announce this year’s food and drink vendors later in the year – expect lots of yummy food and tasty drinks!


A lighting display featuring the incredible underground networks that connect up mushrooms! Marvel at thousands of glowing strands and clusters of ethereal mushrooms as they pulsate with colour.


Internationally renowned Ithaca Studios will bring to life two enormous, 400 year old trees at Bute Park, carefully adorning them with over 3000 dazzling, computer-programmed lights. 


Also created by Ithaca Studios: Rivers of Light will be an epic reimagining of ‘Sea of Light’, pictured below. In the shadow of Cardiff Castle, a dozen rivers of light will flow across the ground in an epic, immersive display.